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What If the World Doesn’t End in 2022? There’s manna from heaven, and mercies new!

The Value of Preaching

God’s Preserving His People

It’s ALL About the Heart

A Gospel-Temper

For Fiction Writers: Does Your Story Have Bounce?

The Sweet Paradox In How God Works

On Behalf of Calvinism Explained

Are your sins forgiven?

Meditation Loads the Gun for the Discharge of Prayer


“The Valley of Vision”

Foundation Conference 2021 Sermon Audio Now Available Online!

Two Oars

When I Get to the End of the Way!

End of day perspective

The Lord’s Day Preparation: Thinking about the Apostle John

This Week’s Posts to Ponder

Delete Not the Second Stanza of “What Child Is This?”

I am very sorry to hear about your accident!

Mary’s Song: Some Observations for Christmas Eve

In the Beginning was the Word!

A Preparation for Christmas Day

Inward Growth—The Focus in External Suffering

One Secret of the Success of John A. Broadus’s Life as Preacher

Has God Extended His Everlasting Covenant to You? Have you entered into that Covenant?

The Angel’s Message of Peace

The Lord Reigns!

Do You Listen? Really Listen!

Then He Can Reach Us

An Adequate Christmas—Why Did Jesus Have To Come Down?

To the Utmost Bounds

The Promises of God’s Word

Romans 6:23 Car

The Application of Scriptures A Biblical Refutation of Dispensationalism

The Pleasures of Piety

Thank you for saving me!

The Beauty of Christmas

"Love Divine All Loves Excelling"

What One Thing Must the Preacher Be? “Mighty in the Scriptures”

A Heaven’s Cause Commercial

G3 Messages Available: My Top 3

“Sovereign Grace and Human Freedom”

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A Splendid Recipe for a Merry Christmas!

Arm Your Kids with BOOKS

Pray for the Midwest

Weekly Unwrap

The Money Changer & His Wife

“. . . Some signs of a broken heart, of a broken and contrite spirit . . .”

Jesus is not running for president, He is the King!

When things are not getting better and what to do about it

Imagine Being a Telephone Operator During Pearl Harbor

The First Reason God Wills Our Work

Christmas Playlist

Why We Do What We Do, Including Advent

Lies Don’t Work Unless Everyone Believes Them

The Mediatorial Economy of the Trinity

Jubilee! Lives that Set Others Lives Free in the Fear of God

Awesome Worship

Lord’s Day Preparation, Saturday, June 4, 2021