Why Acts 29 is a Hoax—and the Preaching of Acts 1–28 is Needed Today

I recall just beginning to preach the gospel as a called gospel minister. I was sought out first by a pastor emeritus at a nearby church who wanted me to come on staff. I visited and spoke with the search committee, and they were clearly liberal. They wanted me to accept their liberal polity. At the church, I was also there for a service. The pastor preached on Acts and how the story of Acts continues. His message was titled something like “Acts 29.” I should have known years later when I began learning about reformed theology that when an orgnization called Acts 29 was formed that it was suspect. But, for some reason I loved the reformed theology so much, I simply chose to overlook it. Fast forward to today. As I prepare diligently for a sermon series on Acts, my initial study has yielded a very freeing statement, one which I believe sets forth shepherdly protection.

The Book of Acts is a testimony to all the nations that the gospel was indeed preached to the whole Roman empire (oikumene). Speaking of another unwritten chapter in Acts reveals ignorance of both the book itself and its purpose.

In other words, what I have discovered is that the book is a sufficient one by its own testimony. Jesus told his disciples that this gospel would be preached to the whole oikumene as a testimony to all nations, and then the end would come. The end he spoke about was an end to Jerusalem and the Temple as they knew it and the beginning of worship in the New Covenant, with the Jews and Gentiles put into one body called the Church. This would be accomplished in the 1st Century in order to set forth a testimony for all time, that God’s kingdom will conquer all kingdoms beginning with the Jerusalem harlot. The key city at the time of Joshua was Jericho, the key city to be conquered at the time of the giving of the Spirit was Jerusalem. Once Jerusalem was conquered, then it went out from there all the way to Rome, just like in Joshua’s conquest it went out from there all the way to conquering the entirety of the promised land. Acts speaks of a greater conquest—one that is not brought about by a sword of the flesh, but one that is brought about by the Sword of the Spirit!