Voting for the Glory of God

Seven years ago I wrote the following to the editor of our local paper, published originally on Oct. 30, 2014

To the editor:

The wreckage of a Nazi submarine was recently discovered 30 miles off the North Carolina coast, indicating just how close the battle came to our own soil.

Who protected America then? It was God; yet, today it is clear that the guard is being let down.

Whether it is Ebola, terrorism or consistent attempts to overrun the White House lawn — there is a clear message being proclaimed that America has her guard down. That’s because the true protector of our country is God, and we cannot expect to be protected when we are constantly ignoring Him.

When London had its plague and fire, Thomas Vincent (1634-1678) issued a warning that the people there stop ignoring God’s voice. He said, “Friends, it is high time for all of you to retire yourselves, and bethink yourselves, and wisely to consider God’s dealings with you; to open your ear, and labor to understand these speaking judgments, lest, if God be provoked by your deafness and incorrigibleness, to speak a third time — it be in your utter ruin and desolation!”

We may or may not be able to change the whole direction of our civil government, but we may personally turn from sin, give ourselves more wholly to God, and perhaps prevent utter ruin.

The national scene does not have to be mirrored in our own lives. Let us take the word of God in Jeremiah 15:19 seriously, which says, “They shall turn to you, but you shall not turn to them.”

Through prayer and casting our votes for virtuous states-people — and with personal repentance surely a precursor — we shall find national recourse.

Brian Mann


As I prepare for our primary election I have found the ivoterguide dot com helpful in assessing proof of candidates beliefs and voting. They have a great tool that can give you a ballot of people that you are to choose from in your districts. I have not found a reliable guide for local, so word of mouth has been key for me there. However, if you have a guide to suggest, send it my way at brianmann at Thanks!

One more thing, would I say the same thing as I wrote in the opinion piece today? Yes, but I would go further. Our efforts must begin with personal holiness, but we must actually based on God’s promises that our prayers and actions will bear fruit for generations to come.

Furthermore, one would do well to do some study on theonomy. There is either man’s law or God’s law ruling society. Some look for this to happen incrementally (E.g. Doug Wilson) and others without any compromise (E.g. Jeff Durbin). I tend to favor an incremental approach that Wilson sets forth, at least practically speaking. see E.g. below: