To Serve the Living God in a Living manner!

We were reading today in Hebrews 9:11ff where the Spirit says that Christ appeared as a high priest of the good things that have come! In the old creation there was a type of redemption, but in the new creation there is an antitype of redemption that Christ accomplished that is exceedingly fruitful. Matthew Henry rightly states,

“All things past, present, and to come, are founded upon and flowing from the priestly office of Christ.”

Where a man was made unclean by touching a dead body, how much more is a man cleansed by the blood of Jesus! And this to the great goal of glorifying God with good works.

All works done outside of Christ are but dead, but all works done in and through Jesus Christ, our high priest are living. O to “serve the living God in a living manner!” (cf. M. Henry)