They say humor is the kingdom of heaven breaking in on this earth. So here’s one for you! #TellAJokeDay post

I share this for at least two reasons: First, it’s funny. Second, It’s relevant. I spoke to a customer service lady on the phone today who made me a believer in this joke.

So there was a blonde woman who came down with a pretty exotic-looking skin rash, both on her shins and on her forearms. The rash was not debilitating, but it did itch like crazy, and so her friends finally persuaded her to go to a dermatologist.

She made an appointment and went, but with a little trepidation because she had always been nervous about science, and techno things, and doctors, and she just knew that she was going to misunderstand whatever it was that they would try to explain to her. So her arms were itchy, and she was very nervous.

At first it seemed like she need not have worried. The doctor examined the rash, and told her what it was, with some fancy medical name. She didn’t follow that part, but he then went on to say that the treatment would be a daily milk bath, for one week. “That should do it,” he thought. “And we can take another look next week.”

And so she went home dutifully, and spent quite a bit of money over the course of the next week. She bought a lot of milk. And she dutifully took her milk bath every night.

The problem was that as the week passed, there didn’t seem to be any improvement when it came to the rash. When the time for the follow up appointment came, she went in, greatly disappointed. The doctor was baffled at first also. Then the light came on, and he turned to her and said, “Was the milk pasteurized?”

And at this, she put her hand at stomach level, palm down, and said, “No, it was only up to here.”

~Courtesy of Doug Wils Cluster Muster Aug. 11, 2022 edition