The Position of Faith

WE are not saved by success or dismissed by failure. Within that intimacy of believer and Lord, leave all to him; let him be the judge…and let him decide the outcome…he is neither dependent on our competence nor derailed by our incompetence; he is sovereign in the accomplishing of his own will. Whatever he desired from my unworthy efforts, he will himself unfailingly achieve, and even turn disaster into triumph, bringing his good pleasure out of and in spite of my disasters. But there is also a second aspect to this position of faith. Despondency would anchor us in the past, but the Lord is able and waiting to open up for us the future, to say to us as to his perfect Servant, “I will appoint you to be my salvation.’ He does not give up on us.

—Alec Motyer, Isaiah by the Day: A New Devotional Translation, emphasis mine