The Lord’s Day Preparation: Thinking about the Apostle John

The Lord’s Day is the beginning of the new creation and growing fulfillment of the Sabbath rest to be fully anticipated at Christ’s return. I say this because it was John the apostle who received the Revelation on the Lord’s Day when he was in the Spirit. Is it not right to think of the Lord’s Day as anticipating Christ’s final coming? I think it is right. Jonathan Edward’s grandson, Timothy Dwight said this:

“If Jesus had abolished the Sabbath, it would have been a ‘diminution, not an increase of the blessing given to the Jewish church.’”1

The unfolding of Christ’s revelation makes us anticipate no one else but Christ to come. We look not for antichrist (they are plenty in the world, described as going out from the church, yet still having a negative influence on the church, and rejecting Christmas, the incarnation of God the Son in the flesh). We live for a final rest, but we experience rest along the way by attending to God’s Word and prayer on the Lord’s Day. If we would taste of anything John the Apostle tasted of Christ, we must too observe the Lord’s Day.


As quoted by Terry Johnson in The Christian Sabbath, p.28, Banner of Truth booklet