The Danger of Dystopian Education Applied to Charges of Individualism Today—Domination is different than Dominion Under God

Educational decisions matter. The humanist model of education is dystopian. Dystopian education is a vision for a world with man as the predestinator. There is no neutrality. It is in opposition to a Christian vision for the world. Joseph Boot notes in his book Mission of God the following:

Rushdoony notes that two things become very apparent in utopian education: “1) When mind and body are made one, mind being resolved into body, thought and action are also made indistinguishable, and any priority of thought destroyed. 2) Man’s only freedom is to be conditioned to act in conformity to ‘group standards.’” Once again we have divine attributes, which in Christianity are basic to the being of God and with some predicates to individuals made in the image of God (i.e. personhood, mind, planning), transferred to the new unified godhead. In the world of dystopian education, social engineering first reduces the human to the animal (material/nature) and then denies independent consciousness to the individual, whilst attributing thought, planning, power, predestination and omniscience to the collective – the immanent one. Mild language is insufficient to describe this vision; it is nothing other than a demonic beast, a monster bent on destroying man. For as Rushdoony notes, every “attempt to create utopia has only brought man a step closer to the borderlands of a totalitarian hell.” Man is not omniscient, nor is he at the wheel of history, he is a creature and by his attempts to be other than he is by manipulation, experimentation, drugs and social engineering, he only reveals his enslavement to the machinations of dark spiritual powers likewise beyond his control.

The denial of man’s independent consciousness and attribution of all things to the collective group is bad and abusive government. It is bad no matter where it is found—individual, home, church, state or elsewhere. It has been accused of Baptists that they are radically individualistic by some radical Presbyterians. Christians ought to beware of any person or group refusing to acknowledge the individual must himself follow Jesus before he has an identity as a Christian. Joining the group doesn’t mean you are joining the Lord. Being born into the group naturally doesn’t indicate one has joined the Lord. Joining the Lord requires faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone. Those who have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone are incorporated into the church demonstrably in believer’s baptism, and practice covenant renewal in regular communion. A faith without a call to individual faith and repentance unto God is nothing more than dystopian education, which is dangerous. Christian education leads each student to personally learn of Christ and love him and all that he has made appropriately, demonstrating loyalty to him above all things. In Christian education, God is the predestinator, not man. He alone calls the student out of darkness and into light by his grace and for his glory. No individual, family, church, or state can make himself or others Christians. Christianity is a work of the triune God from beginning to end.

Concerning the endeavor of man to build his utopian society, Boot writes,

man now seeks vengeance against the God of the garden who drove him from paradise, by building his tower of Babel, and attempting to arrest history, as a monument to his own divinity – the city of man. In this sense, the utopian lie is the original temptation that can only produce dystopia. The gospel awakens men from their sinful dream and quickens them to recognize that they are not God; they can never be omnipotent, omniscient, transcendent or sovereign. Rather, men are made noble in the image of God, created as his vice-regents to serve, obey and glorify God, and in this to discover their true joy and original humanity, unity in diversity, both one and many. In Jesus Christ the fragmentation produced by sin is undone, and man is made a new creation, restoring his fellowship not with nature, but with the living God and his fellow men, illustrated for us in the communion feast and the life of the church.

He goes on:

Then, as the new humanity in Jesus Christ, people are called once again to exercise, not domination, but dominion under God, making creation a culture, to turn the world back into God’s garden by the ministry of the gospel and obedience to God’s every word. God alone makes all things new by regeneration and sanctification and he alone brings history to a conclusion at his ordained time; only then will there be a new heaven and a new earth in which complete righteousness dwells. This alone is the answer to man’s religious hunger – God’s new humanity in Jesus Christ, in whom we are made one in the Lord. God is in total control. His purposes will prevail and our joy and peace, salvation and rest is in the worship of God and enjoyment of him, in fellowship with his people forever. Pagan man dreams of pure consciousness, which is in fact unconsciousness, but St. Paul summons all to awake from dreams that lead to death and declares, “Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light” (Eph. 5:14 KJV).

See that, dominion is different than domination. Dominion under God is a result of the work of the predestinating God, not man. Man will try to dominate other men, including self, home, church, and state; but only God can restore godly dominion—and has chosen to do so through the gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed to sinners for the glory of His Holy Name.