The Courage to Do Right

I heard one national leader call people to be brave by practicing perversion. The Bible calls people to be brave by practicing holy living. In these days we especially need daughters to be courageous in the biblical way. Abigail Dodds writes:

The Scriptures affirm a fitting pattern and design with clear limits and boundaries when it comes to the Christian idea of submission. Wives submit to their husbands, which means a wife necessarily will not submit to all the other men around her. Church members submit to their pastors and elders, which means they necessarily will not be submitting to pastors and elders of other churches. In every case, Christians must obey God rather than their fellow man when there is a contradiction between the two.

Yet, American society is demanding that its young women become doormats when faced with the unwanted, lewd exposure of a man’s genitals in spaces that used to be reserved for women.

We truly need the right definition of submission these days. It seems that people are so quickly submitting to everything even what is evil! God help our nation! Dodds continues to press the point and responsibility of teaching children the importance of biblical valor and discernment and to say simply No! to evil, and to have the courage to do what is right!

Christian parents have failed them if our daughters are 18 or 20 years old and aren’t sure what to do when faced with a man in their locker room. Like the Hebrew midwives who disobeyed Pharoah’s demand that they kill the Hebrew boys, our daughters must know when to disobey. Like Ruth, who refused to return to Moab and Moab’s gods, insisting she stay with Naomi and the one true God, our daughters must know where their loyalties lie. Like Sarah, who didn’t fear anything frightening, we must teach our daughters to be courageous in times of trial.

The simple truth is that no one is physically forcing the female swimmers at Penn to undress in front of Thomas. No one is forcing them to stay in that locker room with a naked man. They are not being forced to submit to Thomas’ presence and indecent exposure; they’re being pressured to submit to him and trans ideology—which means they still have a choice. May our Christian daughters not waver for a moment on that choice. They need the courage and fortitude to do what’s right, even at the cost of their athletic goals or academic achievements or job opportunities. But they won’t know how to do that if Christian dads and moms haven’t taught and modeled it in their own lives—whether in the HR meeting or the playdate discussion. Our immovable convictions lived out before our children for their good will strengthen them when facing their own battles.1


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