Roe vs Wade being overturned? and other news

It’s being reported that Roe Vs Wade is being overturned. News came through a leaked report allegedly by Justice Sotomayor’s aide. The majority Justices Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh & Barrett, together with their families will need our prayers, as the decision was not to be released for 2 months. It appears to many that this was a leak in order to intimidate the Justices so they would change their mind. Alito writing the majority report on the matter. Some are saying that the language basically turns the matter over to the states, but we will see. Many are gearing up for liberal meltdowns.

Another matter that some may be following is that pastor Tim Stephens in Canada had all charges dropped against him.

One commented on today’s news using Sam Gamgee: “Is everything sad going to come untrue?” Gandalf: “A great shadow has departed.”

I can only imagine what kind of response the liberals will have to the Supreme Court decision if it is true. It will be perhaps akin to what happens when multitudes of people become Christians in a country violent to Christianity. It will be good for our nation because it represents national repentance, and lifts the bloodguilt from our children and land. But I do think that we need to pray for many things at this time, that God will have mercy and move many hearts to repent and believe the gospel.