Recommended Listen: King’s Hall Podcast on the Deified State

This podcast came my way as a recommendation. I’m glad I listened. It’s worth the time and deals with what I think is helpful on so many levels. What leads to statism, sum:

  1. Capitulation to the pleasures of men in worship. Opposite, we form our worship based on Christ and his blood and righteousness and worshiping the one true God. Rather than capitulating to false gods, we stay with the one true God in worship and order our worship accordingly.

  2. A dichotomized view of the law and the gospel, treating them as enemies. Opposite, the law and gospel are friends. We are not embarrassed by God’s law. We preach the gospel so that people obey and live in righteousness. If not the government will fill the vacuum and give you the applications that people will gladly accept as a law—and that is statism. It has reduced the good news of the Kingdom of God to a truncated emotionalistic shallow message of cheap grace.

  3. Not bolstering families and building strong households. The church tried to take childcare and children’s worship from the God-ordained calling of families to lead and teach their children in worship. This is no better than the State taking the children, it is the church doing the same evil. Opposite, children belong in the worship service with their families.

  4. Not preaching a robust work ethic for men putting the church in economic trouble. The church has allowed itself to be enslaved by their women leaving the home instead of being freed to be productive homemakers. Opposite, tell the women to go home and educate their children and be productive homemakers and receive the truth that you are not called to be like a man and get a paycheck; Receiving the good news that your value does not come from earning a paycheck, but from going home and working like a woman. The government will offer to take your duties and your kids and make you perpetual adolescents.