Preparing for Easter Sunday: Behold Our God

I read this in a book recently and thought how fitting a meditation in preparation of Easter Sunday. And as I also do some preparation on the song we will sing to open our service “Behold Our God” glad thoughts come to mind in preparation for Easter Sunday.

Christ cannot be hid.

  1. In his cause and truth. The Gospel is scourged and imprisoned, when the apostles so served; yet it cometh to light, and filleth Jerusalem, and filleth all the world. What was done to hide Christ? When he and his gospel are buried under a great stone, yet his fame goeth abroad. Death is no covering to Christ. Papists burn all the books of Protestants; they kill and slay the witnesses. Antiochus and the persecuting emperors throw all the Bibles in the fire; but this truth cannot be hid, it triumpheth. As soon pull down Jesus from his royal seat at the right hand of God, as Babylon, prelates, papists, malignants in these three kingdoms, can extinguish the people and truth of Christ.

  2. Believers cannot hide and dissemble a good or an ill condition in the soul; the well-beloved is away and the church’s bed cannot keep her: all the watchman, all the streets, all the daughter’s of Jerusalem, yea, heaven and Christ must hear of it: (Can., iii, 1–3; v,6–8.) Mary Magdalen’s bed, and a morning sleep, and the company of angels and apostles, cannot dry her cheeks. “Woman, what ails thee?” saith the angel. “Oh,” she weepeth, “Oh, what aileth me? They have taken away my Lord, and I know not where they have laid him. O apostles! where is he? O Sir, angel, tell me if you saw him? O grave! O death! show me, is my Lord with you?”

~Samuel Rutherford, The Trial & Triumph of Truth, p.35

So, we have hear in this brief excerpt that Christ’s resurrection makes both his truth unstoppable as well as making believers unstoppable at seeking the truth. May God prepare your hearts for Easter Sunday with both and make you glad to behold our God. Pray the Lord’s presence be strong in our services this Sunday. To Him alone be all glory and praise.