Preach on Easter Because Both Preachers and Those Who Listen to Preachers Need the Basics unassumed.

“I believe in preaching special sermons on Christmas Day and during the Advent season; I also believe in preaching special sermons on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Whit Sunday. How do I justify this? Well, why did the Puritans object to it? The answer is, of course, they objected to these special occasions because of their violent reaction to Roman Catholicism. The Roman Catholics had turned the celebration of the birth of our Lord into a Mass; and so the puritans, being creations of reactions, as we all are, tended to react too violently, with the result that their desire to get rid of everything savouring in any way of the Mass, and everything else associated with Roman Catholic thinking, went to the other extreme and opposed observance of these days. While I fully understand their attitude and entirely sympathise with it in general, I nevertheless think they were mistaken. I say that because I believe that the danger confronting most of us ins to become so interested in the implications and the outworking of the Christian faith that we tend to forget the essence and the very foundations of the faith. We assume them but perhaps never preach them. And if that is true of preaching, the same will obviously be true of the people who listen to us. But when we turn to the New Testament Epistles we find that the Apostles cannot deal with any subject without constantly referring back to these basic facts of the Christian faith. In any case there are the four Gospels reminding us of the facts and the historicity.”

~D.M. Lloyd-Jones, Preaching and Preachers, p.191