Plato & Socrates—the Communists

When I arrived at “Seminary” I was handed Plato instead of Paul. Today that Seminary is one of the most pivotal perpetrators of Critical Race Theory a new form of communism by social classes derived from Critical Theory. A fire in my bones existed then as it does now to oppose that anti-christian program of educating people, especially ministers in Plato and not Paul or mixed with Paul. There is no neutrality between Plato and Paul. Rushdoony was one of the sources I came across today in my studies (As you will see below). The things I study are not random, they are results of my time in Scripture. As I study the next thing I am preaching upon, I often do research on the ideas opposing the Biblical teaching—not by curiosity but an effort to make sure I am not saying something the text doesn’t say and sticking to the text and the Spirit of the text. So, with that understood, I wanted our readers to be able to trace the line between Plato & Socrates and that of Communism. Let us not be ignorant of the devil’s schemes. The devil loves to say he has a message from heaven based on unknowable or self-defined reality in order to create his own control over society. He is defeated, collapsing, and has his end under the feet of Christ and the saints. Now, here goes, take some time to listen to the 5 minute q&a by Rushdoony below, and know that the Truth is Stronger Still! ~Pastor Mann

Plato and Socrates are anti-Christian. The perspective of Plato and Socrates was total statism. Plato and Socrates are more extreme in their communism than the marxists today. ~RJ Rushdoony

From this brief 5 minute q&a