Planning for Easter with this question in mind: ‘What would most bless the people entrusted to me and lift their hearts to God?’

One area the church can shine (and grow in) is Godly, happy celebrations--big and small. Not worldly, self-centered, entertainment-style parties, but happy, holy, joyful feasts and gatherings--where hearts & mouths truly enjoy God, his provision, and his people. Celebrating this way means we need Christians willing to make and serve the food with happy hearts! We need women who don't view it all as "too much trouble" but who find deep, Christ-honoring joy in taking lots of trouble for the sake of others' and their own joy. This means we need generous hearts--generous with our money, our time, our labor. We need to learn the ropes of serving--menus, table set-ups, collaborating with others, taking thought for the children, the young adults, the senior saints. We need to cultivate beauty. There was a time when my mindset was 'what's the easiest thing I can do to get thru this event?' rather than 'what would most bless the people entrusted to me and lift their hearts to God?' What a diff between those 2 Qs. My joy (& work!) has exploded when I've pursued the 2nd Q. With Easter approaching, now is the time to plan to celebrate. Plan really good food. Plan for God-honoring conversations. Plan to laugh and sing. Plan to share all you have, including your very self. Plan for your celebration to be *fitting* in remembering Christ's resurrection.

—Abigail Dodds