Overcoming the Preconditioned Tyranny

The precondition of tyranny is simply this:

“Where laws are too numerous for men to know, the knowledge of the law is restricted to specialists in the law, to lawyers. but humanist law is too vast in volumes for even lawyers to know it all, so that specialization in particular fields becomes necessary. In the 1970’s, the vice-president of an international bank said that the laws and regulations governing banking were so many and so contradictory that any banker could be imprisoned at the will of Federal authorities. This is now no doubt true of all of us. It is questionable that a free society can long exist when its laws are unknown to most of the citizens. It is ironic that 20th century countries must emphasize education while at the same time keep ing their peoples most ignorant of the law. This is a precondition to tyranny.” ~Rushdoony, Institutes Vol. 3, Intent of the Law, p.39

God’s law however was to be read every seventh year publicly to all the people. All the people were to know God’s law and teach it also in their homes to their children. There were a limited number of them, 613, no more, and no less; and these were summarized in ten commands.

So, if a society does not have God’s law and it is unknown to all, it will create its own laws and keep people ignorant leading to tyranny. The preconditioning to tyranny must be resisted and overcome with the truth of liberty, the liberty of God’s law. People must regularly be informed of God’s standards to be a free people. Those who neglect this or are kept from this will continue to be enslaved. But the good news is that where man has attempted to do this throughout time, the truth has always arose to the occasion, it remains stronger still.