Lord’s Day Preparations…A Pilgrim-like Response (Sermon Forthcoming)

Tomorrow is the Lord’s Day, the day in which the Christian church testifies of the risen and ascended Christ and the beginning of his new creation. The seventh day sabbath being fulfilled in Christ, we now gather on the first day of the week, as was the tradition passed down to us by the apostles, recorded in the Word of God (E.g. John 20:1, 19, 26) both morning and evening (c.f. John 20:19). Please pray for the proclamation of God’s Word to go out and the hearts of all whom God will bring to be touched, built up, made new, etc. for the glory of God. I will be preaching from a text tomorrow that corrects the proverbial problem of a prophet not being accepted in his hometown. We should all respond like the foreigners in the text, like the Pilgrim believers who gathered in Jerusalem and under God’s sovereignty witnessed a great miracle. Please pray with me that the Lord will fill his house with praise to His Name.