It’s been a while since flip phones. Things are getting better!

If it tells you anything, when I arrived at my present pastorate, I had a flip phone. LOL! I discovered this as Sherry was showing me some old pictures. Conclusion: Things are getting better. A victorious eschatology is essential! I joke about sometimes wanting to go back to a flip phone of course, but in reality, the smartphone has been super helpful in many ways. For example, Bible study apps have provided tremendous research capabilities and portability. Tablets are a significant result. The reading and listening of books have been super encouraging. Organizational apps have been helpful, and RSS readers to help streamline the news away from an influx of advertisers wanting your attention. Things can be used for the advance of the gospel as well. As I write this little thread, I’m on an iPad and can communicate a simple post in less than five minutes to encourage folks about the future. That’s a good thing. I also broadcast sermons every week using a smartphone. And as much as we might complain about the technology of such, that technology has not stopped the spread of the truth, instead has been used to promote it more. The Lord be praised!

So there you have it. Holy reminiscence. I’ve just come to terms with accepting that smartphones are actually helpful. What is the world coming to! Pray for me. 😂