Hyper-Thomism’s Infiltration of Reformed Baptists today

Post-2020 some reformed baptists have gone from saying with the apostle, “but God” (Ephesians 2) to “but Thomas” meaning Thomas Aquinas (the patron saint of Roman Catholicism). This is not to say that some Thomists have fallen into the line of Nicene orthodoxy, but many today have gone beyond it. As James White says in the following program,

If we can’t speak as the Scriptures speak, we’ve let something get in the way.

Now, this stuff is quite ‘heady’ per se, meaning it talks about things that hardly anyone has any idea about. But that is why it is important to know about. It was not a few years ago that I encountered reformed baptists visiting our church who informed me that their churches were splitting from the predominate reformed baptist denomination (ARBCA) over the issue of “divine simplicity.” Most would have no idea what in the world you were talking about. And that is the point. You literally have had denominations of reformed baptists split apart over things that the average members in their congregations had no idea about.

So, with that said, this dialogue, with sweater vests included is valuable.