How To Be Free From Bitterness

I just finished listening to this book: How to be Free From Bitterness and Other Essays on Christian Relationships. The first three chapters will wreck you, smooth sailing through much to the end, and worth the necessary read not only for self but to see this dangerous matter in others for the sake of Christ’s church. Bitter people will pollute everyone around them. And reading this book will identify them and you if you are bitter. All of it is necessary and good; and if you think not, you are avoiding medicine, which in my estimation is needed for our culture today, not merely churches. But let judgment begin at the household of God. That is why I read it and worked through chapters that were painful to listen to. You will find the coal from the altar touching your lips and making you ready to obey the Lord if you will give the time to this book, and most importantly to the Lord. You may save some relationships in the process. May God grant our readers to listen and/or read.

The book is available in print, ebook, and audio. You can listen on the Canon Plus App (which is what I did). And you can find a free pdf here.