His Love Like the Sun—Ours Like the Moon

In meditating on the Father, one must necessarily come to the subject of his love. To this Dr. Owen makes a stunning observation that captures my attention this afternoon:

our love is like ourselves—unequal, increasing, waning, growing, declining. His, like the sun, always the same in its light, though a could may sometimes interpose; ours, as the moon, hath its enlargements and straitenings. (Works, Vol.1, pp.30–31)

This is helpful to consider as a Christian. Do you at times feel less of the love of God? Do you at times find your own love for Him and for others waning? We may understand it this way: a cloud could be interposing, but his love has not changed. Therefore there is a constant need for us to believe the love of God is shining upon us in the face of Christ even when dark clouds interpose. We can even take this further: Just as the moon is now always full, we do not always shine completely. Yet the hope is this, there is always in the Christian’s future a full shining reflection of God’s love. Faith is the only thing that can take hold of God’s love in such a way that even when there is little to no shine on this side of heaven, we trust there is always a love for God’s people, even us in Christ, as constant as the Lord Himself. Owen precedes the above short quote with this simple phrase:

The love of God is like himself—equal, constant, not capable of augmentation or diminution.

Couple this with the thought from yesterday that there is no Father in heaven who is unlike Jesus. Here we may add that there was no Jesus on earth who was not exactly like the Father. He showed us demonstrable a place to always look and see the constant unchanging love of God, namely the Cross.