Headship & Gloryhood

I was enlightened by Eve in Exile’s documentary setting forth the proper biblical view of womanhood as “the glory of the glory.”1 In terms of Scripture the Christ is the glory of man, the woman is the glory of the man—making the woman in terms that Rebekah Merkle states for women—the glory of the glory. I came across a similar statement today in an article by Joe Rigney. He says,

This leads me to a parenthetical note: I do not think we should summarize the biblical teaching on marriage under the banner of “headship and submission.” As we see here, that is a category confusion, combining the husband’s indicative and the wife’s imperative. Instead, I think we would do well to distinguish the indicatives and imperatives, and link them appropriately. The husband is the head; the wife is the body. Or, if we want to draw in 1 Corinthians 11: he is her head; she is his glory. Headship and Gloryhood (to coin a term): these are basic facts, specially revealed in the Bible, from which flow the appropriate imperatives: love like Christ; submit like the church. Cherish like Christ; honor and respect like the church.2

From this, I think we can better speak about headship in the terms that Joe Rigney commends—headship and gloryhood. This is real biblical manhood and womanhood—it is gospel-informed to the core!




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