Guardrails for Texts and Conversations with Church Members of the Opposite Gender

This is a great talk on a neglected topic that was posted today on Homefires. Sherry passed it on to me and I wanted to share. The devil would love to destroy the church, so we must be watchful. And guardrails in relationships at church are vital. There should be guardrails in our texting and conversations with church members of the opposite gender. The world wants to destroy gender altogether, but it does matter. Men and women should guard themselves in this area, as many problems result wherever it is not upheld.

In a conversation that was cut for time, Tilly and Abigail chat about friendships with men. What does it look like? What does it not look like? Why the push in Christian circles to reaffirm intimate friendships between men and women who aren't married? How do we relate to one another in the church as brothers and sisters?