Far More Than Expository Preaching Makes a Living Church

The talk in the past few decades concerning making the church healthy has been that we need to recover biblical exposition, but there is far more to the essentials of a living church.

Rev. James Philip wrote,

A ministry of the Word at depth, not merely in terms of the recovery of biblical exposition, but particularly in a determination to allow all the vital thrust of that Word to do its costly work in our lives, for the production of Christian character and wholeness; an incisive pastoral ministry, helping the Word home in personal application; the establishing of a life of corporate prayer as the powerhouse of the work and the battleground on which a significant advance in the work is made.1

Eric J. Alexander writes,

‘Where are the great decisions of our times being taken?’ The answer of the Book of Revelation [cf. Rev 8:1–5] is not in the conferences of the great powers on earth, but at the throne of the Sovereign Lord of the universe. And that means that the prayers of the saints are crucial to the events of our times.2


As quoted in Prayer: A Biblical Perspective by Eric J. Alexander, p.74


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