Experiential Not Conceptual Worship

Tomorrow is the Lord’s Day, commemorating the new creation order that began with the work and reign of Jesus Christ over all creation. The old has passed away, behold the new has come. Be reconciled to God. People will be gathering in worship in churches tomorrow and we must not come wanting to be made to like God and his Word, but must determine that we like God and His Word exceedingly. This is the only way to learn and worship rightly. We must also move from a mere concept of worship to actually showing up and engaging the Lord in the assembly of his people. Let us go up to the throne together and worship the Lord! Here is a quote I found inspirational for our time together tomorrow. Blessed be the Lord.

Modern worship must return to an emphasis on the works and wonders of God in order that joy may become once again an expereince instead of a concept. Joy must be a taste, a touch, and a smell, not an idea only, and God must be not only the Lord of heaven above but also the Make of earth beneath. Until these practices find their place in right worship of God, it is not to be owndered at that our devotions insipid, our prayers bland and our state of mind a million miles from “Joy unspeakable” described in Scripture as the proper state of Christians.

~Fred VanDyke, Redeeming Creation, p.37, as quoted in A Different Shade of Green by Gordon Wilson pp. 179–80.