Calvinistic Evangelism

Joel Beeke writes in his Puritan Reformed Spirituality (p.55):

Along with other Reformers, Calvin taught evangelism in a general way by earnestly proclaiming the gospel and by reforming the church according to biblical requirements. More specifically, Calvin taught evangelism by focusing on the universality of Christ's kingdom and the responsibility of Christians to help extend that kingdom.

The universality of Christ's kingdom is an oft-repeated theme in Calvin's teaching. Calvin says all three persons of the Trinity are involved in the spreading of the kingdom. The Father will show "not only in one corner, what true religion is ... but he will send forth his voice to the extreme limits of the earth." Jesus came "to extend his grace over all the world." And the Holy Spirit descended to "reach all the ends and extremities of the world." In short, innumerable offspring "who shall be spread over the whole earth" will be born to Christ. And the triumph of Christ's kingdom will become manifest everywhere among the nations.

In other words, Calvin’s evangelism was postmillennial, focusing on what B.B. Warfield called Eschatological Universalism. At Pentecost, the descent of the Spirit began a global mission for the sake of the glory of God. This is Calvinistic Evangelism, preaching of the gospel with confidence that God will take every corner of the world by sovereign grace. Calvinistic Evangelism takes place every Sunday, the Lord’s Day, where the Word is proclaimed in all the earth!