Beware of Provocative Lawmakers!

The spirit at work in the sons of disobedience today appears to be of making laws for things that are unnecessary or provocative for lawbreakers at the mere mention of them. The first I saw today was that of a US lawmaker petitioning for a law to make all cell phone chargers the same—as if, this is a matter of national crisis! The second was that of a local government commissioner in a nearby beach calling for prohibition of topless sunbathing—but the point is they don’t have a single problem of this recorded ever! So, why do human lawmakers put forward these things? It is because they are not lawmakers, but lawbreakers in spirit. They put forward human laws to be provocative and ultimately draw the attention away from matters that really matter. They are worshipers of Baal, injecting chaos into society as a means to make their governance necessary. So, these worthless lawmakers spend their time creating unnecessary laws to make you and I think that we need them to know what is best for our culture. Well, we have a Book already that tells us what is needed. God’s law is summarized in ten commandments, and explained in 613 examples of law for our wisdom today. If present day lawmakers would consult this book then they would actually begin to set forth laws that actually do something other than promote lawlessness and sidetrack justice.