All Sin Stems From Looking More At Self and Less at God

A quote from an article on the eternality of God by Stéphane Simonnin from Tabletalk Magazine:

“Because all sin stems from an inadequate view of God’s attributes, in particular His eternity:

There is in the nature of every sin a tendency to reduce God to a not being. He that thinks unworthily of God, or acts unworthily towards him, doth (as much as in him lies) sully and destroy these two perfections of his, immutability and eternity. He that loves a perishing thing with the same affection he should love an everlasting God contemns (despises) his eternity.” [Charnock]

“This challenging thought deserves long and careful meditation. If there is one thing that Charnock teaches us, it is this: thinking about God’s attributes may be hard work, but no other object of study is more suitable to humble and expand our mind. It allows us to forget ourselves and focus all our attention on the only true God who is the source of all life and blessings. This, surely, is the spring from which all pietas flows.”